Dr. Carmen Latrice Murray

Emotional intelligence is a vital skill in today's world. It encompasses the understanding of our own thoughts, feelings, behaviors, attitudes, and emotions. When our inner self is disharmonious, it can lead us down a path of total darkness.

At 31 years old, I ended a 13-year relationship with a narcissist and had to rebuild everything from scratch, including my emotions but most importantly, my mind. I personally experienced the devastating impact mental health struggles can bring, as I overcame a mental breakdown, a psychotic episode to be precise. I was lost!

It is crucial to acknowledge, address, and regulate our emotions in order to maintain a balanced state of mind--PEACE. By developing emotional intelligence, we can navigate through life's challenges more effectively, therefore, fostering healthier relationships and living with purpose. Just a little bit of learning, is all you need to become powerful.

As a registered nurse for over a decade, I have learned some valuable lessons about human behavior, communication and life. When the world strips you bare and challenges you to quit that is when you have to stand and fight with more ferocity to endure.

After not receiving the professional help I deserved when I needed it the most, I decided to become that help. When I was losing touch when reality, my need was someone with compassion and a passion to teach. When I was at my lowest: no job, no money, and no sanity, I had to find a way to survive, now I want to help others thrive.


The Real You

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